Faderhead - Know Your Darkness (New Single)

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Buy the track at: faderhead.bandcamp.com/track/know-your-darkness or itunes.apple.com/us/artist/faderhead/id202046521

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Online Store: shop.faderhead.com

"Know Your Darkness" is also going to be on the upcoming album, which will probably be out in fall 2017.


You know the world can't understand your pain
You see the world just look at you with hate
You feel the weigh that's crushing down
And whisper can you save me now
You know I can

Because I know your darkness
And I know you're not heartless
You know I can
Because I know your darkness

You contemplate if life is just a game
And it is clear to me you feel betrayed
It's getting colder all around
You whisper can you hold me now
You know I can

(Music & Lyrics: Faderhead)


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